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    inspired enterprise

    definition: inspired

    • of extraordinary quality; as if arising from external creative impulse
    • aroused or guided by divine inspiration
    • aroused, animated or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence
    • extremely accurate or apt; based on intuition rather than knowledge or logical deduction

    definition: enterprise

    • a project or undertaking, typically one that requires effort or is something new, difficult or important, bold or complex
    • a business or company
    • the activity of starting and managing companies, organisations or ventures
    • the ability to think of new and effective things to do; together with an eagerness to do them
  • a wholehearted welcome

    My active inquiry into conscious business and servant leadership since 2004 has become my path of awakening; and continues to be. Integrating this with art, nature, connection to source, and purifying programmes and conditioning, has brought me to this place, of inspired enterprise; an integrated, multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary approach to creating change in the world through grounded, practical, best practice business practice with heart, connection and a deep commitment to living my values.


    My dharma is to create movement forward through these times of transition and the co-creation of a new earth; working with enterprise, innovation, community building, communication and restoration; in-line with nature's principles, universal laws and ultimately in service of the children of today and the future; the ones who count on the choice and decisions - and the worlds we make now, in these times.

    preparation for these times

    My experience working with enterprise since 1992 has involved being a member of teams and working as an independent consultant, coach and facilitator and through my micro-enterprise specialising in creative engagement. It has been my work to be leading projects, facilitating change, working with product and service development teams, assisting with mergers and acquisitions, engagement strategy and campaigns, hosting experiences for learning, listening, conversation and collaboration, gathering stories and insights, quiet counsel for leaders, assisting with conscious leadership, community partnership projects and award winning employee wellbeing, resilience and energy.


    Apparently, Socrates stated 'it's better to focus your energy on building the new (than changing the old); and this deeply resonates. It is here, where my energy has been increasingly been drawn and amplified these recent years of transition since 2008; where my work with enterprises, practitioners, change-makers, cultural creatives, earthkeepers social entrepreneurs and visionaries has been regenerative and most aligned.

    award winning

    A living experiment into energy, engagement and wellbeing and an active inquiry into conscious leadership with the CEO of what was a small enterprise making radical changes to adapt to the 2009 recession; our experiment was fruitful from the first meeting; had funding and local awards within 3 months; regional awards within 9 months and national awards and accolades within 1 year. This laid the foundations for a leadership approach, engagement ethos and energy for engagement, creativity, innovation, service levels, attraction and retainment of key talented people, community engagement and new enterprises that have catalysed a profound level of change and abundance for all involved.

    creative entrepreneurship

    Gave me the opportunity to weave together my love of creativity, craft, design, inquiry, community, social change, children and entrepreneurship amidst the work of gandhi. An illuminating experience which catalysed my path both towards weaving creative practice into my work with people in enterprises; and catalysed me away from any international development involvement.

    An artist in enterprise

    Enterprise is a creative process and many tools, practices and ways of being, are fundamental to the materialisation of that creative impulse that whispers or comes knocking at our doors, asking to come into form; into living reality.

    Our work together

    Most of my work is ongoing or for a specific project timeframe; occasionally people ask for one-off sessions for immediate assistance with an urgent issue.


    There is a balance of my work happening online and locally; both work really well and naturally have pluses and minuses.


    An initial series of 4 sessions is how we get started on any aspect of your enterprise, company or project; this is how we get to see what is happening, crystalise needs and begin to make changes and create what is needed.


    Investment for our work together is offered on a scale that you decide where you are best placed; the range being from £75 / $90 to £330 / $397. Upon agreement and payment received, we can go ahead and book sessions; the work begins and the intentions start to be fulfilled when the payment is received; something gets activated at this point; it's been apparent over many years, and is still a magical mystery to me.

    Leela is like no-one else I have ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts. 


    Her crystal clear process took me on an amazing journey starting from a spark of an idea - and ending in a fully formed business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Leela creates for each session. These maps helped me to link things together in new ways, and see new possibilities - ultimately coming up with a better concept."


    Dawn Gosling - Director

    "I had some business coaching with Leela some 18 months ago - it illuminated and released the potential of the thoughts, dreams and dynamics of my business. We created a visual structure which allowed me to see my business more deeply, and from new perspectives - and I immediately saw clearly where it needed to go.


    Leela facilitated clarity for the future and in our session and mapped out a visual roadmap with intentions and next steps; this vision has been coming to fruition ever since and has become my reality.


    Her way of working is very magical and unique. I can honestly say that that this is the absolute best money I have ever spent in terms of life and business coaching and encourage anyone at a crossroads, looking for direction, needing to make conscious decisions and being clear about next steps to embark on, you won't be disappointed, you will be blown away."


    Emma Jackman - Founder of Conscious Chocolate

    'How to describe working with Leela Grace?! Imagine the most creative, boundary-less brain, inside a whole-hearted human with a deep deep curiosity and care. And then add in a large dose of systemic and organisational nouse, and relaxed confidence with the senior leaders in any organisation; Leela is brave in saying she sees the world differently and what an incredible perspective you will gain if you listen up.'



    'I never had such an experience before. I think many peoples in India need such coaching to take out their hidden dreams for their dharma and also showing them the possibilities and way forward.'


    Shiva Prakash - Ayurvedic Practiitoner

    "Leela is utterly unique; I know no-one else like her. Each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired. She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and unparalleled authenticity - that I find myself, as a storyteller, short for words. Leela is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with."

    Martin Deakin - Leadership Storyteller & Communications

    ‘The sessions were thought-provoking and created ideas that were able to be implemented on a practical level; meaning that the new insights had an immediate effect.’


    Richard Reid - Pinnacle Therapy

    “Leela is a joy to work with. A high spirit and drive are allied to a thoughtful planned approach and she is always looking for more. More aspects, more avenues and especially more marketing directions. She worked on a wellbeing project with me and I would have never got it up and running without her.”


    Brent Curless - Entrepreneur

    "I worked with Leela on a very complex e-commerce solution for a new business start-up; I joined her as one of the team assigned to create a new online brand and a complete editorial website with full e-commerce capability enabling artisan micro-enterprises in Australia to have access to a european customer base. Leela consulted on and configured the business process and designed its online fulfilment. Apleasure to work with throughout and brought clear areas of unique expertise to a project that launched on time and on budget.


    Andy Robinson - Communications Director







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    Currently based in the UK; and working with people around the world